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Producing with Passion (and Kindness)


For more than 20 years, I have had the luxury of loving what I do.  As a writer and television producer, I have a rewarding career helping tell stories through a visual medium. My job is never work. It is never monotonous.  I have the opportunity to travel the world and meet amazing and interesting people. On a daily basis, I enjoy collaborating with a mix of creative gurus and business-minded individuals.  I find inspiration around every corner and am constantly called to stretch my imagination.  I am gratefully passionate about my vocation. With that being said, over the last few years, I have felt a slight sense of void in my profession. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what was missing until recently. The business of television just needs some good, old-fashioned kindness.

The amount of violence depicted through our television and computer screens weighs heavy on my heart.  School-shooting stories are almost daily headline, extreme human rights violations are broadcast on every other channel and peering into the often-bizarre lives of atypical strangers has become a common pastime.  With all the negative images and destructive role models, television feels radically out of balance.

The good news is I sense we may be reaching a tipping point.  Do-gooder programming is coming back into fashion on the airwaves.  Quality, feel-good messages are breaking through the noise though you may not even realize it due to the clever creativity of some of television’s top executive producers.  I commend the great ones, like Mark Burnett, for crafting entertaining programming that actually benefits people’s lives.   Talent shows such as The Voice emphasize following your dreams.  The Apprentice and Shark Tank offer life-changing career opportunities.  The Biggest Loser saves lives.  When I look at programming like this, my sense of hope is restored.   It proves the general public wants to be inspired.

To this end, I feel a new calling in my career to produce entertaining program that actually benefits the audience.  I spent a lot of time over the last years sorting through a mound of creative ideas in search of the right program to pour my creative energies. I am happy to announce I finally found it.

Blue Truck Media, Inc. aims to produce a new kind of reality program.  A concept that is based upon scientific evidence and has the potential to change how people feel and make the world a happier, healthier place to live.

The Kindness Effect will be a 30-minute, hidden camera, reality program with a unique twist.  Similar in format to programs like Candid Camera; Betty White’s Off Their Rockers; and Punk’d with one major difference.  Instead of using the programming budget to play practical jokes on people, The Kindness Effect will “prank” people “for good” and change lives along the way.  The good deeds we extend will be both big and small and will be presented in some very eye-catching and unusual ways.  You never know when or where one of our secret angels or hidden-camera crew will strike for good. However, we will need the help of our audience to pull it off.

In conjunction with World Kindness Day, November 13, 2013 we launched a crowd-funding campaign for the purpose of funding the random acts of kindness and the pilot program.  Click here for more details or to support the campaign.

Importantly, we will build and demonstrate audience interest through our social media networks. You can help now simply by interacting with us on Twitter and Facebook.   Every dollar, fan, follower, like, share and comment we receive improves efforts in gaining the attention of network executives. In addition, we want to hear your “good prank” ideas!

If you have ever thought, “I wish there were more positive role models and programs on television,” this is your opportunity to help create one. Together, we can make a positive difference in the world.

If you have questions, comments, write to thekindnesseffect@bluetruck.tv. If you would like updates, click on Follow the Blue Blog link next to this article. 🙂